SURFACE: The ad sounds really dumb, but I think what that doesn't accurately describe is the safety measures that many women and men do take

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Instead, he focuses on statistics such as fumbles, interceptions, sacks, pass completion percentages, and other forms of objective, unambiguous performance measurement

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“So I could be the person in the outside world to provide a father figure for the son or daughter.”

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"Most Americans tell us that they only see veterans portrayed as broken or as heroes who walk on water in film and television," he said by phone

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As has been the case for six years, it's never thefault of Democrat-driveneconomic policies.

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Michael Dotsey is said to be in contention as well given he heads research at the Philadelphia Fed, though he is less known throughout the central bank.

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Babies don’t get vaccinated until they’re a year old, so they are at risk if they are exposed to someone with the measles, which is easily spread

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Judy Murray has witnessed all of Andy Murray's finest moments, and he has openly displayed his emotional thanks post-match

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The workshop, ‘Head to Toe Management', aims to inform people how to cope with a diagnosis of diabetes and how to best manage the condition

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We believe in transparency, truth and professionalism - we're ready to answer all questions."

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Idon't see a further debt haircut," Merkel told German daily DieWelt in an interview published in its Saturday edition.

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The North Vietnamese captured McCain in October, 1967 after shooting down his plane

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They also reported if they were affected by depression and their medical records were checked to see if they had been prescribed antidepressants in the last six months.