The trust's Mark Owen told BBC News the decision could have serious consequences:


The drought only got worse as Louisville entered the under-eight-minute timeout in the first half with 10 consecutive missed shots

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You can go around 30 metres and still be connected to it

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It’s a reminder that, despite all that Wilson has accomplished in three years, let’s not worry about how his statue in Canton, Ohio, will look quite yet.

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Later, reflecting on where she had come as a player, she spoke of how it began

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In addition, a Cameron-led government would also likely be seen by investors as less risky than a Miliband-led one

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Meanwhile, the report also found that rates of osteoporosis among people with an ID had doubled since the 2010 study - from 8% to 16%

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When Heastie was present in the chamber, NYPIRG found that he spoke during debate on only four of the 1,138 bills that he didn’t sponsor

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A manager is there a lot of the time to protect his players and try to make sure they don't get badly affected by the levels of criticism.

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Going into the half, Patriots lead by 3

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It includes a discourse on its use of “Pixel Tags,” invisible files on the Web pages you visit

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He’s the guy who, always smiling, goofs on the media, which endears him to most of the free world who detests us.

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An official 2004 report warned that for some pupils the word "jihadist" had a heroic connotation - a fact confirmed by several teachers interviewed for this report.

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Kia's ad spoofs Pierce Brosnan's action-movie persona

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The operation was successful, and officials say the pup was shaken, but healthy

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The GPs then asked the parents of children in the relevant age group, who were coming in for routine care, if the child's weight could be checked as part of the consultation

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"It's illegal to name and shame those who wrote [these messages] as it raises issues of privacy and incitement to violence," he said

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Food, water and medicine are scarce.

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But it has met challenges from regulators and lawmakers, leading to bans in some cities, such as Las Vegas.

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If you picked "d," you're in the proper spirit for federal Budget Day, which appropriately falls on Groundhog Day this year

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Observe how the original poster equated anti-Americanism with being a liberal commie, as if it is inherent to being a liberal commie

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Taylor wasn't much of a factor in the Big Game due to his own injury, but New York's top-ranked scoring defense held Buffalo's top-ranked offense to just 19 points.

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Security officials also noted concerns explosives had been planted at the facility.

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Then another report came as per which an Uber senior vice-president said to look into the personal lives of journalists who have criticized the company.

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The JPMorgan settlement could form a basis for othersettlements

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This is why we will do everything that is needed to avoid it."