That made things a bit trickier when it came to wading through the stats.

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His Holmes contrasted with the prominent nose and cheekbones of a Basil Rathbone, Douglas Wilmur or Benedict Cumberbatch.

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“My brother-in-law (Nick) claims to have magic powers (and a lotta luck), and will give anyone who shows up Saturday night the winner of Super Bowl XLIX

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Super Bowl XLIX prediction: In the first overtime game in Super Bowl history, Seattle Seahawks 23, New England Patriots 20, after Tom Brady gets picked off by Richard Sherman on the third play of OT

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Perhaps oddsmakers should have taken that into account when they installed New England as 12.5-point favorites in the Super Bowl.

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In fact, the invective directed at Kissinger is an echo of Vietnam -- one of the most-discordant times in American history

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And the only person she knows here — aside from Ivanka Trump — is an aunt.

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Another of those targeted, an 18-year-old student, closed his account, and the third person named locked her account, making her tweets private.

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They got in by having the highest strength of victory.

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There are two other two quarterbacks who won at 25 — Joe Namath and Joe Montana.

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He has received no pension since Ukraine cut off funding three months ago.

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Almost two in three people with dementia live at home and most of these are cared for by a member of their family

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Here we try to put real African dresses on the stage, using the colourful fabrics people wear in the street

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"Patient empowerment is on the level of Romania, waiting times as long as in Sweden, which is bad, and healthcare inequity is evident

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They got solid feedback from offices bolstering customer protection all around the nation for their capacity of checking their users’ online developments.

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"I thought, 'Wow this is it, I did it, only to hear let

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When speaking about hunger in impoverished nations, it’s obvious that she cares

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According to Webster Cash, professor at the University of Colorado, Hubble has provided several incredible images, but it is important to go with the better

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The campaign is working to ensure that any child diagnosed with a serious illness or congenital condition is entitled to a full medical card for the duration of their illness

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This was followed by colorectal (990 deaths), breast (680), prostate (550) and pancreatic cancer(490).

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Negotiators for the USW and Royal Dutch Shell Plc, which is leading the talks on behalf of U.S

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Gatpandan said she could not comment on exactly how police linked Andrus to the body, but said they were aided by the surveillance footage and witness statements