Obviously, these similarities can lead to misdiagnosis which can be not only bad for the patient but for anyone else with whom they might come in contact.

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"I think it makes people less likely to go to the beach, which makes them less active, doing less exercise," he says

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More than a dozen other cases have been confirmed in 13 other U.S

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When Chipotle went public in 2006, it had almost 500 U.S.restaurants

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I can tell by your tag that you have no standing to discuss economics and the political struggle bound up in the thing

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Rewrite that phrase: for Graf, now write Serena.

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El Paso is considered to be the second-busiest port of entry into the country by passenger volume

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"However, parents should note that honey should not be given to children under the age of one

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television miniseries in 1983 starring Richard Chamberlain, Rachel Ward and Christopher Plummer

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Hagel noted that the ground troops could remain in non-combat roles, such as intelligence gathering on ISIS targets

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“But like I said, he hasn’t played a lot in a year-and-a-half and it’s gonna take some time.”

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This will not be Kravitz's first foray in the sports world

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It's entirely down to the individual farm.

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“For all of its performance cred, Ford covets Toyota’s reliability rep [which] is what keeps them coming back

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"Although it's methodologically complex to establish this link the evidence is increasing that there has been some effect of these events on people's views on climate change," he said.

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He said the country has been successful since 2003 in undermining extremism

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But she visibly struggles to find the right words: “Something that, not bothers me, not encourages, but” motivates?” she begins

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I think Boris's comments will have been driven by that."

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This development is ‘likely to be related to the closure of hostels that were used to accommodate most separated children prior to 2010'.

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Early detection is vital, as if left untreated, it can lead to permanent stiffening of the spine

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In the television categories, the Golden Globes have earneda reputation as an early taste-maker, this year favoring showson cable television and online steaming platforms over broadcaststalwarts.

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restaurants and is known for its uncanny ability to profitably increase sales, debuted at $22 and trade at more than $710.

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Lila Wolcott (Davis) is broken when her 18-year-old son is gunned down in the street — an innocent victim in the wrong place at the wrong time

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Last year Sky changed its name from BSkyB after it completed the acquisition of Sky Italia and a majority interest in Sky Deutschland

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ISIS militants have threatened to kill Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, along with Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh

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Experts have already taken the first steps towards harvesting eggs from Nabire, a 31-year-old female living at the Dvur Kralove Zoo

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Malefetse and Tsosane have diplomas in computer science but have been unable to find work in their fields and so have worked as security guards, installed satellite dishes and baked and sold cakes

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Research has shown that as well as consuming less, people are choosing to drink sparkling wine such as Prosecco or a glass of red at home.

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safety regulators have saiddefective Takata air bag inflators in certain vehicles canrupture and spray metal fragments inside the vehicle.

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It works as a component of government."

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In Italy, leading daily Il Corriere della Sera dedicated onepage to six Charlie hebdo cartoons

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Getting to the UK, he was told, was the best option for an English-speaker seeking asylum in Europe.

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"The findings are dramatic and underscore the need for music therapy to be made available as a mainstream treatment option