Hollins has juggled the rotation, controversially removing Lopez and Deron Williams from the starting lineup

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“It really comes down to fundamentals and technique,” Ninkovich said this week

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It wasn’t hard for Baltimore to be cast as villain, not when the face of the franchise spent the offseason beating a murder charge

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Michele Bachmann (Minn.) won among Republicans in the Ames straw poll, a popular pre-caucus poll


Once deemed safe, individual countries would be able to decide for themselves whether to plant them

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A perfect spot for it is looking over the neighbor’s fence.

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"We'd have to maintain them structurally and make sure that the sites are secure," says Johnson

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To say nothing of their effects on anyone unlucky enough to be around them

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“This seems to be part of a grass-roots groundswell that will lead to everyone wanting to have access to their genomic data.”

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"We're not a bowling club or a rabbit breeding society thatwe can run in our spare time," Lucke said in a speech

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"The National Grid is not a property company," insists Johnson

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Prizefighters invariably put it all on the line when they step in the ring

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Or own a piece of Nets history with a photo of a Nets legend