Chad's victory, and the need for foreign troops, is an embarrassment to Nigeria's once-mighty military, brought low by corruption and politics

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Tiger populations thrive on abundant prey - a breeding female tiger produces a litter of three cubs every third year

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They found that people using asthma medication had much higher levels of inflammatory markers in their body compared to those without asthma

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It'll cost you the earth but you'll be the talk of the party.

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Purposeful run from midfield by Sissoko, who managed to nutmeg one of those standing in his way before shooting wide of the near post from just outside the box

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The referee has not helped the game at all

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"It was like having a warm plate of chocolate chip cookies being passed around at a party and not being able to touch them"

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And now, nine years after hearing that crushing news, she has given birth to her twins after IVF treatment using an egg donor.

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Less than 24 hours later, the hayseed from Rochester caved to the city’s tough guys.

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But for exactly the same reasons that these spaces were fantastic, they were also not the right fit

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Just over 600 nursing homes were approached to take part and almost eight in 10 participated

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He and his wife moved in with relatives after their apartment was destroyed a month ago

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Andres Mejia Acosta, a political scientist at Kings College London, says the president's outing of ordinary Twitter users fits into a familiar pattern

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Chad's victory, and the need for foreign troops, is an embarrassment to Nigeria's once-mighty military, brought low by corruption and politics

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(Editing by Victoria Cavaliere and Alan Crosby)

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It appeared legitimate in November, with Garnett putting together a throwback 35-minute performance against Pistons, dropping 18 points with 14 rebounds.

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The agency said the affected models had a part called an electronic control unit that controls deployment of its air bags

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He suffered the same racial taunts and indignities as other black players of his time, but if he ever got angry, he never seemed to show it

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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history

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They made no comments afterwards.

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It enlarges me to be called out, even when I conclude the caller is a troll, and especially when it's by a person I respect."

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They call him a killing machine

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Upon finding out about the supercookies (officially called Unique Identifier Headers), users grew concerned about Verizon and At&T “spying” on their Internet browsing

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Some have been trained as engineers or have worked in the industry

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Sure, I want Google Maps to know where I am

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Ukip’s membership soared to some 42,000 by late last year — challenging the Lib Dems’ membership of 44,000 — but has recently slowed right down

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Typically, currency-hedged ETFs protects the underlying international equity exposure against a falling foreign currency such as the euro or yen.

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Critics didn't embrace the Costner produced and financed film, but audiences gave it an strong A- grade which may help its word of mouth.

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Going into the half, Patriots lead by 3

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The disclosure of the car’s existence created a kind of mass hysteria.

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"We have to raise enough money to run the five-year monitoring program

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The way he carries himself after a loss helps define his character.

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But experts are divided on whether it will lead to the planting of fewer or more GM crops in Europe.

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The rash tends to appear around the face and the hairline and spread downward toward the neck and trunk and extremities," she said.

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This time, it might actually be true, considering the difference between a 32-inch 2K and 4K display is negligible at best

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economy entered 2015 with an extra $126 billion in combined annual paychecks

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I’m pretty athletic,” Sears said

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There aren't these poetic conversations that happen," Nixon said.

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Charles Herrin, senior vice president for Comcast customer experience, personally apologized to the Browns in a phone call and said Thursday in a blog posting that it was an "unacceptable situation."

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Afridi was called a traitor in 2012 by Pakistan’s then Interior Minister Rehman Malik

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If I don't go here, or don't go there, would it be better for me to just stay in a cave and never come out?"

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“The real problem is there are lots of cases of gummy proteins that you spend way too much time scraping off your test tubes, and you want some means of recovering that material.”

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But although they are all in the same metaphorical boat, the migrant communities do not always get along

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Many Muslims all over the world condemned the terrorist attacks, but they were in pain at the continuous insults to the symbol of the religion by Charlie Hebdo and other media sources.

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"I know it's going to be extremely difficult to win the match

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"All civilians should be evacuated, but neither (the rebels) nor the Ukrainians could care less, and we are dying every day," said schoolteacher Martina Alexandrovna, 46.

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I'm just going to continue to travel and explore the world on my private jet

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(Reporting by Josephine Mason; Editing by Meredith Mazzilli)

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Almost two in three people with dementia live at home and most of these are cared for by a member of their family

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The case is In re: Foreign Exchange Benchmark RatesAntitrust Litigation, U.S

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Two assistants, Carlos Chavez and Salvador Alatorre, were also taken into custody, according to a local attorney, the cable network said.

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"It all started as a mistake," says Mr Ruddel

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According to Iceland’s records, some of which date back to the 1800s, temperatures have been increasing since 1980.

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Wear yours as a set or mix and match like Irina, pairing your patterned top with solid black side-tie bottoms

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Only 1,000 are sold to fans at face value

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We believe in transparency, truth and professionalism - we're ready to answer all questions."

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But here’s the thing: giving away content is a long-term income machine and relationship builder

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It is in the similarities between British and American culture that we may find the answer as to why we feel this way

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Capitol in Washington January 13, 2015.

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A ruling against either company could significantly raisetheir costs beyond the lawsuit's scope and force them to paysocial security, workers' compensation and unemploymentinsurance

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Google in past years has begun to expand beyond its hometurf of Internet search and advertising, seeking to extend itstechnological dominance to fields as diverse as self-drivingcars and robotics.

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Anyone who closes his eyes to the past is blind to the present