Un autre gigantesque grandeur nature, qui chaque année à lieu en Angleterre, et ce depuis bientôt dix ans. A ma connaissance on y trouve régulièrement des groupes de joueurs francophones. (Shiva)

This is the Lorien Trust's biggest event of the summer. Faction & Guild politics, trading & LARP market, merriment, rituals, skirmishes and lots of excitement and adventure are just a few of the thrills and spills that may be expected at The Gathering. All this is culminated with a mass battle on the Monday. This year will be the twelth Gathering. With the event now at a capacity of three and a half thousand players it is the biggest event of this type in Europe.

We have now hosted twelve major player on player LARP battles and the largest single monster encounter ever with over 500 monsters, which, when added together, have seen more than 25,000 people in combat. That would make quite a long battle line!

We are already plotting and planning the next theme, whilst getting some feedback and assistance from the hosting Factions. We created an Underdark Cave in 1999, a Pyramid in 2000 an Ice Cavern in 2001 and a gothic castle in 2002. This year was no exception with a lava flow eclectic white tower and volcanic cave and we already have many idea's to help make another successful Gathering set next year.

Regular site facilities will include a range of caterers, a large Ritual Circle, a LARP traders market, a bar, the LT shop, water points, toilets & shower facilities. 24 Hour Security and First Aid staff will be on hand during the entire event. We also have live performers such as fire eaters and birds of prey display.

The Gathering will have a themed Ritual circle, a centre piece, an LARP market, adventures, and see the culmination of some of the year's major plots. Also not forgetting all the usual LT facilities such as: a bar, a range of catering wagons, the LT shop, water points, toilets/showers.

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