Notes du Shiva: D'accord, c'est loin, mais ça a l'air fort sympatique et c'est en englais. J'ai téléphoné à une agence de voyage. L'aller retour en avion coûterait 540.- par personne. Argh! Tenez moi au courrant si quelqu'un décide d'y aller. Ce serait sans doute intéressant d'y aller en groupe.

Paris in June 1944. It is evident that Germany will be defeated.

The question is not if, but when. The city is waiting for liberation while the German troops are having their last break before the final battle; looting, healing and waiting. Depression among the troops would be substantial without the Roulin' Moose. In there the outside world and its events seem to be far away.

Gestapo, leather coats, porn, uniforms, violence, depression and espionage in the Roulin' Moose Theatrecafe, which used to be the home of sensual shows, erotic exhibitions and artistic atmosphere. Now all of these and much more is mixed up in the expectant atmosphere. No one knows when the D-day comes and whether D means doom, defeat or destruction...

Roulin' Moose is a theatre experiment in a larpistic style. No, this is not a game by Turku School, nor by any other. The game retains a large portion of WWII atmosphere while mixing in something of Moulin Rouge with it.

Experience live music, in-game shows and a war-time atmosphere with vivid characters in Roulin' Moose.

Our game is in english, as is the game site, rules, materials and so on. Other languages used shall be: Finnish, Swedish and german, but worry not; knowing english is certainly enough.

It seems that we'll have people from Sweden, Hungary and most likely Austria as well coming, so having french or swiss would be welcome addition.

Players are supposed to be in game location on Friday evening. The game will start of Saturday at 12:00 and end Sunday 15:00.

Êtes-vous intéressé par cet événement?